« Whoever desires to anticipate the future and understand the present shall consult the past» (Machiavel).

In the current situation that has hit the aviation sector hard, and in order to meet the many environmental, economic and societal challenges, many players must review their development strategy.

Aware of these challenges, France Aviation Civile Services (FRACS) and ALMAZ Aviation, a start-up specializing in the development of analytical platforms in the aviation sector, have combined their skills to develop the “ATD Analytics” platform together.

This innovative web platform, based on Air Transport Data (ATD) collected since the 1970s from more than 3,000 airports around the world, is aimed at the transport sector, tourism, major international organizations and more generally all economic actors.

FRACS and Almaz Aviation thus offer an indispensable and useful tool in current and future circumstances. It makes it possible almost instantly to question the traffic of the last decade by country, city or airport around the world with a wide variety of selection criteria. Available today in English, ATD Analytics will also be available soon in French and Spanish languages. ATD Analytics saves valuable time in the diagnostic or context understanding phases and will provide sometimes unsuspected insights (comparative development of airports in the same region, national, regional or continental complementarity,….). It also makes it possible to develop and compare  the evolution of several airports or countries. Many additional features will be created in the coming months to further enrich the services offered, including socio-economic data and the environmental calculator.

Already available in its “Root” version, ATD Analytics complements and is the worthy descendant of ATD Services.

Visual and intuitive, it allows both to answer immediate questions and to prepare more in-depth analyses that will require access to FRACS’ ATD Services.

As with ATD, whose content and potential have continued to grow over time, ATD Analytics already has a well-established development roadmap and should see many interesting developments in the coming months.