Sudan selects FRACS to support its eTOD project

The Sudan Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) is launching the deployment of Digital Terrain and Obstacle Data (eTOD) at 4 international airports: Khartoum (HSSK), Port Sudan (HSPN), Nyala (HSNN) and El Obeid (HSOB).  France Aviation Civile Services (FRACS) is honored to have been selected to accompany SCAA for the project management and the validation of the […]

Significant progress in the development of the National Surveillance Authority in HAITI!

Last year, we informed you of the resumption of our collaboration with “l’Office National de l’Aviation Civile” (OFNAC) under the auspices of the World Bank for the development of the Supervisory Authority in Haiti. After 9 months of intensive work between the teams of OFNAC and those of France Aviation Civile Services (FRACS), we are […]

ATD Analytics

Since 2019, ATD has been constantly evolving to adapt to the trend and statistics required by this challenging period. By regularly reviewing our approach to the global air traffic situation, our database managers aim to provide reliable and useful information for your projects while customizing our offer to fit your needs. In 2022, new indicators […]

DIADEME New services for optimal airspace performance

Reducing Aviation’s environmental footprint together with dealing with the recovery of the traffic in Europe and in the world has become a necessity to well manage traffic and ensure in the same time a sustainable management of the airspace. A balanced approach integrating all components of airspace management performance is possible by taking advantage of […]


A digital solution for a greener and safer sky What is it? An e-platform, created in 2020 by Fracs, based on  simulation tools from the DSNA and specialized performance analysing tools as ELVIRA®, IMPACT… DIADEME is accessible online and offline, from anywhere in the world to support collaboration between each contributor of a project. What […]


What is it? ELVIRA® is an automated reporting tool to replay and analyse Air Traffic. ELVIRA® provides you with Safety, Environment and Capacity analysis to enhance your performance. ELVIRA® enables you to: Manage Safety: Loss of separation / safety nets, Runway incursion, Non-compliant approach, Aircraft counting` Optimize Environment: Continuous descent operations, Environmental protected volumes, dispersion […]


Check the Past – Predict the Future What is it? An e-platform, created in 2020 by Fracs & Almaz Aviation, supporting a global data sharing service that provides you with air transport data from thousands of airports worldwide. It provides you with historical data about a period of at least ten years and with the […]


On 3rd March, a contract was signed between the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) and France Aviation Civile Services to assist the authority in carrying out wildlife studies for the Yaoundé-Nsilamen and Douala airports. This is the second project for which the CCAA has decided to renew its trust in France Aviation Civile Services. Indeed, […]

FRACS expands its tools

Implemented by the Direction de la Sécurité de l’Aviation Civile (DSAC), the French Safety Oversight Authority, since 2019, the METEOR tool for “Module d’Echange et de Télétransmission avec les ORganismes” is a web platform that supports the surveillance activities of the various operators (airlines, aerodromes, air navigation service providers…). This tool, whose access is shared […]

Our ATD services are still growing!

After the launch of our “ATD Analytics” platform in the autumn, France Aviation Civile Services is further evolving its ATD (Air Transport Data) services by extending the coverage of its data to monthly passenger data, cargo data and movements at airports. Indeed, the current situation in air transport requires a more detailed analytical capacity that […]