Digital Platforms & Human Expertise

For the past few years, and especially since the COVID pandemic, FRACS has been able to develop a digital strategy. Without replacing our consulting and expertise activities, it complements and consolidates our services by offering not only new capabilities but also collaboration tools useful for our various projects. The combination of our collaborative platforms with […]

The Word of the Director

Indeed!! For ten years now, France Aviation Civile Services, alias DSNA Services, has been developing its activities around the world. 10 years of various projects, cooperation, and initiatives. 10 years of beautiful encounters around the world. 10 years of confronting the reality of the world. 10 years of growing and gaining experience. During these ten […]

FRACS Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

2023 marked the tenth year of FRACS’ existence and was the occasion for a wonderful evening in Toulouse on December 14, when we had the pleasure of welcoming all those who have made FRACS a success. Our founders, experts, employees and former employees all came together to celebrate this anniversary. The evening gave us the […]