France Aviation Civile Services Accompanies AFIS Services in the Current Juncture

Since the beginning of 2020, the development of AFIS services has taken off at France Aviation Civile Services. Indeed, Airbus, Colmar, soon Amiens, Wallis and Futuna, have requested the services of FRACS for skills maintenance sessions focused on operational problems encountered and adapted to their particular reality.

A unique and innovative process in the AFIS world, this service allows for the sharing of experience and knowledge, while remaining in line with the requirements of the July 16th 2007 order (modified by the decree of April 19th 2016) relating to the qualification and training of AFIS personnel.

These sessions, conducted by our experts, are both an opportunity for officers to deepen their knowledge and to share with our stakeholders about their respective experiences and the regulatory framework as well as best practices in working methods in their respective environments. The approach is primarily operational and focuses on the exchange between professionals who share the same objective of aviation safety and efficiency.

One of the success factors of these services was the open attitude of the participants and their desire to share information and their experiences on the local AFIS context and practices. The recommendations, delivered by our experts, address both the point of view of the AFIS officer on duty and that of the pilot, thus allowing a better understanding of each person’s roles in the interest of increased operational efficiency.

The tools put in place because of COVID-19, have been optimized to achieve quality video conferencing; this will never replace in-person session, which remains the most suitable means of exchanging experience and understanding the particular context on each field. Nevertheless, in this special period, we had to adapt to maintain this unique closeness, with many of our partners all over France and the world!

To best meet the requirements faced by AFIS agents (EISA  – Évaluations d’impact sur la sécurité aéroportuaire, Audits…), these sessions address all issues and give officers the keys to deal with them among the many tasks they may have to carry out daily.

It is excellent news to see again planes and helicopters flying in our beautiful blue sky, France Aviation Civile Services wishes to continue the support of all its present and future partners to assist them to maintain a high quality of service in the field of aviation safety thanks to its experts and services ever better adapted to the challenges faced by AFIS organizations.