In 2021, France Aviation Civile Services signed a contract with the National Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) in Taiwan. This is the second project for which the Institute has called on France Aviation Civile Services’ expertise.

Like the previous one, this contract is part of the renewal of the Taiwanese air navigation service provider’s fleet of certain air navigation aid equipment.

The purpose of the contract was to provide support to the Taiwanese ANSP during the on-site acceptance tests (SAT) of two radars and to organise and run a workshop on how the French ANSP use the SASS-C tool (Surveillance Analysis Support System for ATC Centre).

France Aviation Civile Services mobilised for experts from the Technical and Innovation Directorate (DTI) to carry out these activities.

The assistance during the on-site acceptance tests of the two radars covered all the difficulties that may arise during this phase concerning:

  • Performance;
  • Compliance with the specifications;
  • Questions about a technical or operational choice to be made.

As for the workshop, it took place last October and brought together about fifteen participants from the ANSP and the Institute.

Due to the health crisis, France Aviation Civile Services carried out all the preparation and execution of the services remotely. The relationship of trust that was established during the previous contract helped to facilitate these exchanges. This was reinforced with this project. These two successful contracts have enabled France Aviation Civile Services to strengthen and consolidate its ability to provide services entirely remotely, a major asset in this complicated period of health crisis.