Seminar on safety oversight activities in Haïti

The project to build a safety oversight authority in Haiti, initiated in 2015, continues with French supervisory authority experts (DSAC). Over the past three years, nearly 20 experts have been involved in this partnership to establish, structure and operate an aviation safety oversight authority in the country, following recommendations made by the ICAO. On the […]

An autonomous and efficient National Supervisory Authority

On 12th May 2015, the National Office of Civil Aviation (OFNAC) and DSNA Services signed under the patronage of the French and Haitian Presidents a partnership agreement aimed at building a high-performance civil aviation authority in Haiti compliant to international standards. Since that day, during a 4-year period, DSNA Services experts, referents of the French […]

Securit’Air n°2

OFNAC (Haitian Civil Aviation Authorities) is now engaged in the implementation of a safety oversight authority with the French experts. An adapted process, powerful and efficient. Under the watchful eye of ICAO.

Haïti – Ensemble n°8

Presentation of the Services de la Navigation Aérienne (SNA) action plan SNA2017

Haïti – Ensemble n°6

In the presence of the ICAO regional director, OFNAC and DSNA Services decided to intensify their relations!

Haïti – Ensemble n°5

Cap-Haïtien: Only 2 air trafic controlers left. In 6 months, this number was tripled. Quantity and quality, security is improving.

Haïti – Ensemble n°4

SMS is a pillar for security in an organisation. OFNAC is now working on its own SMS.  

Haïti – Ensemble n°2

Ensemble N°2- The new publication of OFNAC & DSNA Services is available