The Institute of Excellence by DSNA Services Celebrating its First Year

The Institute of Excellence (ID), launched on April 5th, 2017, by DSNA Services, is a training platform for International Consultants.

One of its essential goals is to provide its trainees, the Experts of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC), with the Consultants’ methods and practical tools to intervene efficiently on DGAC and DSNA Services international projects.

ID in numbers, after the first year of training

  • 2 organized training sessions and 2 International Consultant promotions
  • 2 + 2 days, or 4 days, of intensive training
  • Over 10 speakers and professional trainers of the International Consulting business
  • 23 trained interns now certified International Consultant by DSNA Services

ID is also exceptional satisfaction ratings

  • 91% of the Institute of Excellence trainees were satisfied with the feedback of experience of an Expert who became an International Consultant for DSNA Services
  • 95% of our trainees were satisfied with the quality of the documentation and training materials
  • 95% of our trainees indicated that the training met their expectations
  • The preferred modules of the trainees, the Writing of a Deliverable and the Presentation of the Consultant – 100% of our trainees were satisfied

Now, we are grateful to…

Our special guests!

Who made themselves available for us, despite their busy schedule, to attend the opening of the training sessions or to attend to at least one full day of training.

They also gave out valuable advice and recommendations for transitioning from “Expert to International Consultant” while paying attention to methods and international customer expectations.

The entire DSNA Services team and Certified International Consultants wish to thank:

Mrs. Marie-Claire DISSLER, General Secretary of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Mr. Éric BRUNEAU, Director of the Direction of Operations of the Department of Air Navigation Services Provider – The Sponsor of the 1st and 2nd promotions of ID2017

Our Partners and our Speakers!

Who kindly agreed to share their experience, and especially their expertise and know-how, recognized not only in France but also throughout the world.

They were by our side for our expertise and consultancy mission of promoting internationally the France Civil Aviation know-how. It was a great opportunity for them to show how they interact with various stakeholders and economic links of the aviation community.

Our future Consultants discovered the heterogeneity of our partners: big players (large companies), start-ups (small and medium-sized businesses) and international organisations or national authorities.

Our Certified International Consultants!

For their great availability,
Their exceptional energy,
Their intellectual quality and expertise,
Their ability to adapt on all subjects and in all situations.

And You,
When are you joining us?

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