Together with OFNAC to modernize air navigation

Air navigation services’ intensive support

In November 2013, OFNAC and DSNA Services began to work together. Very quickly the results are there: new Operational Manuals for Port-au-Prince, for Cap Haïtien and the technical service, a Licensing process, an SMS manual, a contribution to SAR and to AIS … The list of achievements is very important. And the foundations are in compliance with ICAO standards.

After a first phase of work on texts and methods, a second phase of intensive support has fastened modernization through 6 dynamics: Management, Quality of Service and Safety, AIS, Operational Training, ATS and CNS. The continuous presence of our experts, and the cooperation work between French and Haitian teams were the key success factors to anchor progress and ensured a real transfer of knowledge.

Navaids flight inspection

DSNA Services had the opportunity of providing flight inspection services to OFNAC in June 2015 and May 2018. During more than 40 hours of flight, commissioning and periodic flight inspections of Haïtian navaids were performed in collaboration with ENAC pilots and the internal department of the French civil aviation responsible for national flight inspection and maintenance activities for radio navigation aids.

At Port-au-Prince (MTPP) and Cap Haïtien (MTCH) international airports, we assessed the ILS and VOR-DME beams with a Beechcraft 90 aircraft equipped with automated flight inspection systems. In addition to data measurement and the analysis of performance parameters, a ground assistance was provided to OFNAC maintenance team for an optimal tuning of ground equipment.

This successful cooperation between OFNAC and DSNA Services is motivated by the common goal of compliance to ICAO recommended practices, for efficient and safe air transport traffic.

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