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Our Service

Created by ITA (French Air Transport Institute) in the mid-’80s, then updated and developed by ENAC since 2006, the Air Transport Databases contain various information on worldwide airports and airlines.

Organised in 3 sections :

  • Airlines: detailed data from 600 airlines across the world are collected every year (quarterly for the most important) since the ’80s. This information includes traffic and financial information, fleet composition and its use.
  • Traffic flow: the database contains the passenger flow between airports (about 2,500) and between countries (200), yearly since the ’70s.
  • Airports: airport traffic is portrayed through annual (2,500) and monthly (1,000) data collections of passenger flow, aircraft movement and airfreight.

We are now offering you access to this extensive database according to your needs: analyse traffic, make forecasts, study the industry competition, etc.

For a preview of the type of data that we can provide, please see the latest issue of our quarterly publication.

Benefits of Using the Databases

  • Customisation to your specific needs
    We analyze your request to find the best solution to meet your needs.
  • Multi-Sourcing
    We collect data from every available source, allowing us to make comparisons in order to ensure you of its’ reliability.
  • Expertise
    Our experts use their know-how to select the best data according to your needs (geographic area, timeframe, etc.).
  • Long Data Set
    Through our historical information, you can analyse traffic over a long period of time (over 40 years depending on the airports/airlines).

Our Offer

Whether you have reoccurring or single data needs, we will help you to find the best solution.

There are two ways to access our data :

  • A yearly subscribing to our databases: an unlimited number of requests to our experts in order to provide you with all the data you need all year-round (processing time may vary depending on the request).
  • One shot request: a specific answer to a specific and single request for data. The price would be calculated according to the quantity and the type of data required.

No matter the option, data will be delivered after being selected and reviewed by our experts in a ready-to-use Excel spreadsheet.

We are at your disposal to address your data needs and provide a free customised estimate.

For any questions, you are welcome to contact Mr Jean-Pierre Assémat, manager of the Air Transport Databases: