“DSNA Services” Becomes “France Aviation Civile Services”

Why Change the Name?

Founded as “DSNA Services” in 2013, the Economic Interest Group first began its activities in air navigation by carrying out its consultancy mission to air navigation service providers in various fields and particularly in the field of studies of redesign of airspace or optimisation of operational methods.

Progressively, the scope of activities has been expanded to address the field of civil aviation authorities on a regular basis, whether it concerned ICAO compliance, safety oversight, regulatory or certification authority. Henceforth, it became inappropriate to restrict the identity of DSNA Services to air navigation alone, given its vocation to operate in all areas of civil aviation.

Finally, as we became more known, some confusion began to occur between “DSNA services” and “DSNA”.

What Does the New Name Bring?

The new name had to better reflect the reality of the activities of the Group. It also had to be explicit and understandable to anyone familiar with the aeronautical field, but also to anyone outside of it.

Our activities regularly being international, it was also important that our name is understood in many languages. As it is the case in the most used languages in our field, without need for translation.

Finally, why hide that we are linked to the French aeronautical ecosystem? It is our brand and for anyone interested in our activities, it is a fact! We might as well put it forward in our new name. It is not a question of imposing French solutions to all the projects in which we are involved, but to take advantage of the French experience in civil aviation to address them and gain experience for the DGAC, its services and its personnel, and for the ENAC from lessons learned in other contexts.

We also wanted to keep the concept of services as the core of our identity. Therefore, we kept it.

Our New Identity

The new identity, “France aviation civile services”, does not present itself as a break with “DSNA services”. For this reason, the new logo is very similar to the previous one: the colours and symbols are identical, only the denomination really changes.

We hope that our customers, partners and experts will continue to feel part of the same family that has gradually developed over the 5 years of the group.

Hence, our new identity stems from what we already are, makes it explicit and contributes to the idea that is dear to us of a “Team France for civil aviation”.