The Weather Impact Tool for ATFCM is Becoming an Operational Reality

METSAFE and FRACS successfully combined their expertise to address the topic of meteorology for ATFCM through a fully automated approach and design a decision-making tool enhancing weather situational awareness and supporting the implementation of ATFCM mitigation measures. Through the SESAR Engage MET Enhanced ATFCM project developed in close collaboration with Reims UAC air traffic flow […]

Which approach to understand this air transport crisis

The current health crisis, along with various measures taken by the different countries, is unparalleled in the air transport history which is short enough not to have been confronted with major events such as the Spanish flu or other pandemics of large magnitude. Recent episodes of the coronavirus responsible for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or […]

France Aviation Civile Services Accompanies AFIS Services in the Current Juncture

Since the beginning of 2020, the development of AFIS services has taken off at France Aviation Civile Services. Indeed, Airbus, Colmar, soon Amiens, Wallis and Futuna, have requested the services of FRACS for skills maintenance sessions focused on operational problems encountered and adapted to their particular reality. A unique and innovative process in the AFIS […]

M.Merhdad FARZIN POUR’s interview

He is an air transport specialist, and more especially in the evolution and data analysis field for several years. During his long career, he decided to create the Air Transportation Data (ATD) database that concentrates global results in commercial air traffic. Would you like to tell us the Air Transport Data (ATD)’s story, please? All […]