France Aviation Civile Services takes part in the Entretiens de Toulouse

Initiated by the Air and Space Academy in partnership with Ecole Polytechnique Executive Education, the Entretiens de Toulouse have three objectives:

  • Let all actors in the aerospace sector dialogue together,
  • facilitate mutual understanding and the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge to all these actors,
  • contribute to exchanges between SME, large groups, entrepreneurs, and research centers.

It is therefore a training through debate whose aim is to share knowledge on a given subject and enrich it through exchange and openness to different perspectives.

After having participated as a speaker in different sessions of the Entretiens de Toulouse, Farid Zizi has been responsible for the “civil aviation” field for two years alongside Dominique Colin de Verdière and Jean-Noël Laval: proposals for themes, choice of speakers, accompaniment of these.

The 2021 session was the occasion for a debate on the theme:Post-Covid: Experience of the crisis and air transport recovery strategy, a subject that is still extremely of essence. Indeed, it is still difficult to learn lessons from the current period and to consider all the possible impacts of the health crisis on world aviation.

Moreover, many experts try it through numerous webinars and opinions sometimes diverge, especially on the expected rebound of global air transport. The economic impact of the current crisis is still relatively unpredictable and assumptions can vary greatly with consequences on air transport that will in all cases be significant.

The post-Covid period will also be characterized by changes in habits and a reset of some fundamental pre-crisis air transport principles. The debate therefore promised to be enriching and lively. It was.

Through the Entretiens de Toulouse, France Aviation Civile Services is pleased to make a modest contribution to understanding the challenges of the current period and to reflecting on the resuming of international air transport.