Our ATD services are still growing!

After the launch of our “ATD Analytics” platform in the autumn, France Aviation Civile Services is further evolving its ATD (Air Transport Data) services by extending the coverage of its data to monthly passenger data, cargo data and movements at airports.

Indeed, the current situation in air transport requires a more detailed analytical capacity that makes it possible to better understand the various trends and their variations. The pandemic will indeed have reshuffled the cards and it is no longer so easy to deduce year n+1 from the knowledge of previous years. The war in Ukraine has also weakened the recovery that was looming for the aviation sector.

France Aviation Civile Services aims to be able to offer a complete overview of the global air situation, allowing our experts, partners and customers to adapt their strategies to the situation. Already able to respond to the various demands that come our way, we aim to gradually be able to provide the most accurate dashboard possible of global air transport in a policy of affordable costs for operators and authorities around the world.

The launch of our “ATD analytics” platform was the first brick of this evolution by capitalizing on decades of effort to build our historical data that mostly dates back to the 80s. This platform should be enriched with additional indicators in the coming months and we still expect many developments. ATD services are already directly benefiting from the work undertaken to collect various indicators useful to all air transport stakeholders.

Finally, we hope not only to meet the needs of aviation stakeholders but also to the needs of the tourism sector and all sectors interested in understanding the vector of exceptional connectivity that is the air.