FRACS expands its tools

Implemented by the Direction de la Sécurité de l’Aviation Civile (DSAC), the French Safety Oversight Authority, since 2019, the METEOR tool for “Module d’Echange et de Télétransmission avec les ORganismes” is a web platform that supports the surveillance activities of the various operators (airlines, aerodromes, air navigation service providers…).

This tool, whose access is shared between DSAC inspectors and the staff of the supervised organizations, facilitates the preparation of surveillance audits and the planning of the different types of acts. It also allows the exchange of documents and information throughout the process. METEOR counts already more than 820 users in DSAC and about 1000 organizations for more than 1500 users.

France Aviation Civile Services will now be able to use this tool for its international projects, by adapting it to its needs and those of its future clients, whether in terms of regulatory compliance support or in support of projects aimed at strengthening safety oversight in third countries. With the experience of the DSAC, METEOR will allow other civil aviation authorities to improve the monitoring of their surveillance activities.

METEOR is quick to learn and install, making it easy to get up and running in a short period of time. The tool is compatible with all disciplins and allows the centralization of information and the dematerialization of all exchanges.

FRACS welcomes for 6 months an intern from Safety Management MASTER of ENAC. His experience in surveillance within a foreign authority will be used to adapt the tool to other environments. FRACS is now in a position to market METEOR and its associated services.

For a demonstration, contact Mélanie Roquefere: