Check the Past – Predict the Future

What is it? An e-platform, created in 2020 by Fracs & Almaz Aviation, supporting a global data sharing service that provides you with air transport data from thousands of airports worldwide. It provides you with historical data about a period of at least ten years and with the latest data available after a rigorous process of integration. You select any Region, City, Airport or a group of these in the world and analyze the passenger, cargo or movement traffic in volume, time, network or by destination or origin.

Why ATD Analytics:  We collect air transport data from all over the world for decades in our extensive AIR TRANSPORT DATABASES (ATD). In making them available through the web, we intend to support strategic analysis and development of air transport in an efficient and easy way.

Advantages: ATD Analytics provides you with 10 years data for +3 000 airports around the world – A powerful interactive eplatform, available anywhere.




Speaker: Théo CASTEX

Tuesday May 21 at 11:00 AM

Wednesday May 22 at 11:00 AM