ATD Analytics

Since 2019, ATD has been constantly evolving to adapt to the trend and statistics required by this challenging period. By regularly reviewing our approach to the global air traffic situation, our database managers aim to provide reliable and useful information for your projects while customizing our offer to fit your needs.

In 2022, new indicators have been added to our Air Transport Databases, which are necessary to the understanding of tomorrow’s aviation world, while enhancing the 40 years of history already in the hands of FRACS. With a strong focus on monthly traffic reports, essential in the face of a changing and difficult-to-plan traffic situation, be it PAX, movements or cargo data, our experts continue to collect information to ensure timely, consistent and accurate global coverage.
Through the exploitation of reports published by airports, airlines or organizations in the aviation sector, but also with an annual survey carried out among 3000 airports in the world, ATD ensures that we have the most recent data to offer you, compared and verified.

ATD’s range of service has also grown-up, with the launch last year of our e-platform in collaboration with Almaz Aviation.

ATD Analytics, like our databases, is constantly evolving. Accessible from your personal computer, this platform allows you to visualize traffic flows between several regions, cities or airports and analyze the data, in terms of number of passengers, movements or freight transported.

With the publication of annual statistics for 2021 but also an increased granularity, with monthly results between airports over the last three years, we are developing our new platform while listening to our users, refining the interface and the presentation of various graphs.

You can contact us to learn more about our analytical platform, real-time demonstrations can also be performed upon request.

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