DIADEME New services for optimal airspace performance

Reducing Aviation’s environmental footprint together with dealing with the recovery of the traffic in Europe and in the world has become a necessity to well manage traffic and ensure in the same time a sustainable management of the airspace. A balanced approach integrating all components of airspace management performance is possible by taking advantage of innovative technology in a collaborative and exhaustive approach.

In this objective, France Aviation Civile Services (FRACS) has developed DIADEME (Digital Airspace Design and performance Modelling Environment) in cooperation with DSNA, the French Air Navigation Service Provider. DIADEME allows to modernize Airspace Design methodology by integrating, at each step of a study, a complete and objective performance assessment of the airspace concept in work.

On a common web platform, remotely accessible by users, experts and project partners, it is possible to simulate, modify and assess an air traffic situation and optimize the airspace design considering every performance criterion at all steps of the development. Thus, DIADEME allows a good and workable balance between operational, economic and environmental performance. DIADEME can also be used for pedagogical or promotional purpose, by demonstrating pros and cons of different strategies, and allows to easily compare various scenarios on a light and easily implementable system.

There-wise, DIADEME provides the opportunity to achieve and develop airspace design projects in an efficient manner which will combine operational efficiency and lead to greener skies.

Fully collaborative and accessible from anywhere, DIADEME is also allowing to negotiate constraints in an instrumentalized discussion, which may ease civil-military negotiations or cross-border airspace organisation. DIADEME can also demonstrate the positive effect of a fleet change for some operators. Performance experts can be on one site and operational users on different other sites, they will be able to collaborate via DIADEME without any constraints.

DIADEME can therefore support the strategy of all aviation stakeholders to reduce aviation’s environmental footprint and at the same time increase airspace efficiency. In the future, DIADEME intends to support some weather severity considerations as well as complexity assessment.

Thanks to DIADEME and its particularly innovative nature, France Aviation Civile Services is now able to offer new services: environmental assessment of an air situation, by flight, by airport, performance reporting, comparison between conventional procedures and PBN procedures, etc…. The time savings and flexibility offered by the platform should thus allow significant productivity gains as well as continuity of work between FRACS and its customers, wherever they are around the world.