Sudan selects FRACS to support its eTOD project

The Sudan Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) is launching the deployment of Digital Terrain and Obstacle Data (eTOD) at 4 international airports: Khartoum (HSSK), Port Sudan (HSPN), Nyala (HSNN) and El Obeid (HSOB).  France Aviation Civile Services (FRACS) is honored to have been selected to accompany SCAA for the project management and the validation of the […]

Significant progress in the development of the National Surveillance Authority in HAITI!

Last year, we informed you of the resumption of our collaboration with “l’Office National de l’Aviation Civile” (OFNAC) under the auspices of the World Bank for the development of the Supervisory Authority in Haiti. After 9 months of intensive work between the teams of OFNAC and those of France Aviation Civile Services (FRACS), we are […]