Air Transport Data: Top 20 Busiest Airports 2022

Currently, our ATD team is collecting 2022 traffic from airports around the world to be integrated  into our databases and in ATD Analytics, during spring 2023. We already have all the monthly traffic for Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Spain on PAX, Cargo and Flights. The collect is going on with Australia, India, Taiwan for PAX, flights and Cargo, as well as Norway, Sweden and France.

At the beginning of this year, you will find as usual our Top 20 Busiest Airports 2022 where Atlanta, Dallas, Denver and Chicago remain at the top of the ranking.


U.S. airports are leading the way, rivaling or even exceeding 2019 numbers, as is the case for some domestic hubs. Dubai moves back into the top five and overtakes Los Angeles in this latest year.

Europe continues its long climb to 75% of 2019 traffic, with LHR tripling its passenger numbers over 2021, while China disappears from the ranking, recording its worst results since the pandemic. After holding up well in 2020, its airports’ results have collapsed against heavy health restrictions.

We are currently preparing a country-by-country top airport ranking which will be published very soon on our social networks and in our April quarterly newsletter.

ATD Analytics

We have the pleasure to count 2 new clients on our analytics platform for air transport traffic : “ATD Analytics”. They are the Montpellier Méditerranée airport, at the route development service, and the ACNUSA (Airport nuisance control authority) who have decided to trust us  by attesting  to the usefulness and efficiency of our platform.