Prospects for PAPI Calibration by drone in Peru

At the beginning of July, we were delighted to sign a partnership agreement with HELIPER to deploy our PAPI drone calibration method in Peru, and more widely in Latin America.

The challenge is important as well as the enthusiasm of both partners. Several videoconferences, a clarification of the respective expectations and a new alliance sealed!

The Peruvian DGAC is very enthusiastic to use innovative calibration methods and drones for this purpose. Many aerodromes in Peru are equipped with PAPI and we have been working to organize a trip to optimize calibration activities on several aerodromes on the same trip.

We are therefore very pleased with this budding cooperation and the prospect of future projects in Latin America.

At the same time, we are continuing to modernize our approach, and developments are underway to manage our calibration activities even more efficiently.