ATD anniversaries

This September and October we’re celebrating two major anniversaries at FRACS: ATD Analytics, which turned 2 on September 2, and Air Transport Data (ATD), which turns 36 on October 8!

ATD Analytics, drawing its essence from our ATD databases, was created with the aim of making an air traffic analysis solution accessible to airports of all sizes.

The e-platform provides access to high-quality current traffic data combined with visualization solutions, centralizing information and analysis tools. This avoids the accumulation of subscriptions for our users, and optimizes cost, time and efficiency.

At FRACS, we like to celebrate the anniversaries of our products and services. It’s also an opportunity to salute the work of the people who are responsible for the successful development of these solutions. For 36 years, Air Transport Data has been a strategic partner to the aviation and aeronautics industry. In 2019, the databases will arrive at FRACS, with the aim of perpetuating and perpetuating the work of our colleague and friend, Merhdad, while continuing to uphold the principles and values whose watchwords are: completeness, personalization and quality.

For these two events, we’re giving away 1 month of your first ATD Analytics subscription, as well as a sample of each of our airline, airport and traffic databases.

We would like to thank our customers for their trust and loyalty.