FRACS Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

2023 marked the tenth year of FRACS’ existence and was the occasion for a wonderful evening in Toulouse on December 14, when we had the pleasure of welcoming all those who have made FRACS a success. Our founders, experts, employees and former employees all came together to celebrate this anniversary.

The evening gave us the opportunity to hear from Mr. Cazé, Mr. Chansou and Mr. Wachenheim, who were kind enough to join us for the occasion to discuss the next challenges facing the aerospace industry, which in essence will be the next challenges for FRACS. The evening also provided an opportunity to look back on the key projects and moments in our history.

The Experts Trophies, a very formal ceremony, also took place, as a nod to the various experts present that evening, who were awarded prizes to share anecdotes and memories. Beyond the entertainment aspect, the team was keen to highlight those without whom nothing would have been possible over the last ten years: our experts.

The 10th anniversary of FRACS will also be the occasion for a tour of our centers in France, to meet with you and present the next perspectives in terms of projects. Dates and venues will be announced very soon, so don’t hesitate to come and meet us.

FRACS is the fruit of a seamless collaboration between many of our partners and our experts have a key role to play, so once again, a big thank you to all those who have helped build this wonderful adventure. We look forward to seeing you for the next 10 years!

Do you know anyone who might be interested in joining the FRACS adventure as an expert? Don’t hesitate to contact