The Word of the Director

Indeed!! For ten years now, France Aviation Civile Services, alias DSNA Services, has been developing its activities around the world. 10 years of various projects, cooperation, and initiatives. 10 years of beautiful encounters around the world. 10 years of confronting the reality of the world. 10 years of growing and gaining experience.

During these ten years, the services offered by FRACS have evolved a lot while remaining in line with the initial philosophy of sharing the know-how of the French civil aviation, making it available to our customers and partners. We have learned from each project and our experts have come back richer from their missions than they came in. Getting out of our DGAC habits, confronting with other realities, discerning the essential from the incidental, not reproducing established patterns but adapting our knowledge and methods to the reality on the ground, all this allows us today to be recognized and to be ready for new adventures.

We celebrated our tenth anniversary as a family at the end of December. Throughout the year, we will have the opportunity to celebrate it again through various events.

Like every year, 2023 saw a number of developments. We are now able to perform real time or training simulations on the Web with very good performance on DIADEME. The integration of meteorology has also been achieved. In terms of our air transport analysis capabilities, we have started to work on linking the socio-economic data of the different countries with air transport statistics in order to consider working on forecasts in the near future. 2023 will also have allowed us to conclude our project with Cameroon on wildlife hazards and to continue working on the use of drones for calibration. It has also allowed us to initiate a very fruitful relationship with Luxembourg.

Our team has also been renewed this year with the arrivals of Marie, Marc and Andrea.

It is therefore full of enthusiasm and vigor that we approach 2024. This will be an opportunity to take on new challenges and to continue to develop our capabilities in order to participate meaningfully in the development of sustainable solutions in international aviation. Our network of experts is expanding, and we were very pleased to see new experts participate in our activities in 2023. I have no doubt that this will be the case again this year.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all those who have been by our side this year, our clients who have placed their trust in us, the entire FRACS team, the experts in the projects, our partners, the services of the DGAC and ENAC who support us and are of great contributions as well as the students we have continued to welcome.

The entire France Civil Aviation Services team joins me in wishing you and all of you an excellent 2024 in good health and with many satisfactions both personally and professionally. In any case, we hope to cross your path for a moment of frank and smiling cooperation.