Digital Platforms & Human Expertise

For the past few years, and especially since the COVID pandemic, FRACS has been able to develop a digital strategy. Without replacing our consulting and expertise activities, it complements and consolidates our services by offering not only new capabilities but also collaboration tools useful for our various projects.

The combination of our collaborative platforms with our expertise services thus appears to be a way to capitalize on our know-how and also establish new ways of working.

Beyond our platforms, the COVID period has also pushed us to structure our approach to projects by combining face-to-face cooperative work and remote cooperative work. This approach allows us to maintain the momentum of the projects and to carry out a regular follow-up of the various activities remotely while humanizing the approach through different missions aimed at structuring the activities.

This strategy is now being implemented in our main areas of intervention: Air Navigation, Safety Supervision and Air Transport with the DIADEME, METEOR and ATD Analytics platforms. These platforms are enriched with new features every year.

It should be further developed in the future with the expansion of the “Aviation Safety Oversight” field with the creation of a toolbox which will naturally include METEOR but also the ASERT (Aviation Safety Event Reporting Tool) system recently tested as a prototype as part of our Haiti project.

DIADEME has evolved this year with the implementation of the real-time simulation and training, voice and data functionalities, allowing both to operationally experiment with new devices but also to carry out training. The analysis functionalities remain available as before and thus allow the analysis of the simulations carried out. In the near future, the integration of meteorological situations will further enrich DIADEME’s functionalities.

In the field of air transport, consideration is being given to enriching ATD Analytics with socio-economic data, offering environmental analyses and potentially forecasting services.

Thus, the implementation of our various collaborative platforms allows us to consolidate our approach to services and to offer complementary services to the consulting services we offer. It also makes it possible to capitalize on data and information. Our digitalization strategy is not intended to replace our expertise services but to offer complementarity and support to them. We remain firmly convinced of the need to maintain a balanced and rich human relationship, nourished by the tools put in place and shared, in order to succeed and progress.