ATC Supervisor: Attend one of our Operational Training, Codeveloped with ENAC!

Are you a senior Air Traffic Controller who would like to become an ATC Supervisor? Are you a senior ATC Supervisor who would like to specialise in air traffic flow and capacity management (ATFCM), emergency procedures management, collaborative decision-making (CDM) or dynamic airspace management?

Combining prestigious pedagogy and operational expertise, ENAC and DSNA Services have partnered together to develop 3 customised training courses : Initial, Refresher and Advanced. These courses can be delivered on-site or at ENAC headquarters in Toulouse, France with a visit from a French Area Control Centre.

Recent trainees from Indonesia, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan praised the operational training courses, including specific exercises like the Supervisor Manual Customisation Workshop.

For Mr. Mayaya, Deputy Director of the Kinshasa-Ndili International Airport, « the training is a success thanks to the complementarity between the excellence of the ENAC pedagogy and the high-level expertise of DSNA Services« .

To deliver this customised ATC supervisor training, DSNA Services and ENAC begin by conducting an organisational diagnosis. Creating an organisational blueprint is key to enabling instructors to design course curriculum that will meet ongoing as well as future demands. This level of design detail has paid off immensely for trainees. Over 60 ATC supervisors have been trained and:

100% of trainees recommend the program, acknowledging a deep impact
on their day-to-day responsibilities.

Concretely, course curriculum is focused on:

  • Management of psychological and relational aspects linked to OPS room supervision
  • Current technical knowledge standards for supervisor systems in use, along with the latest updates to aviation law, search and rescue procedures, air traffic flow and capacity management
  • Cross-cultural awareness training (ATCo – ATSEP) contributing to enhance operational room / technical supervision coordination
  • Management of emergency procedures and unusual situations

Together, DSNA Services and ENAC will equip future ATC supervisors with the tools needed to exceed the evolving demands of the role, today.

You can either organise a customised training or attend a session at ENAC.

The next ATC Supervisor Training session will be held at ENAC site in Toulouse, FRANCE from May 28th to June 8th, 2018. Register today on ENAC website or by email to!

For more info, visit DSNA Services Website – Our Services, Operational Training section and ENAC – Training Offer