The Air Transport Databases Join DSNA Services Offer

Our Service Created by ITA (French Air Transport Institute) in the mid-’80s, then updated and developed by ENAC since 2006, the Air Transport Databases contain various information on worldwide airports and airlines. Organised in 3 sections : Airlines: detailed data from 600 airlines across the world are collected every year (quarterly for the most important) […]

“DSNA Services” Becomes “France Aviation Civile Services”

Why Change the Name? Founded as “DSNA Services” in 2013, the Economic Interest Group first began its activities in air navigation by carrying out its consultancy mission to air navigation service providers in various fields and particularly in the field of studies of redesign of airspace or optimisation of operational methods. Progressively, the scope of […]

Become an International Consultant? It’s possible with ID – the DSNA Services Excellence Institute!

In May 2019, DSNA Services organized its 3rd Institute of Excellence (ID), a four-day training program aimed to bring DGAC experts with the knowledge and skills to become international consultants for DSNA Services projects. The ID was born from the observation shared by DSNA Services, its members (DGAC and ENAC) and experienced International Experts, of […]