ASECNA Celebrates its 60th Anniversary!

What a Party!

The ASECNA celebrated its 60th anniversary last December following the 75th anniversary of the Chicago Convention and the 50th anniversary of the CAFAC. Besides the closeness after an almost 35 years uninterrupted relation with ASECNA and the emotion of participating in this type of event, it was a very nice party. There was a mix of formal solemnity with the signing by the Member States of the Political Declaration, and of joyful celebration with the participation of many artists during the gala evening and Zao with his anthem to ASECNA during the official ceremony.

It was a moment of joy and solemnity during which Mr. Paul Malekou, first African Director General of ASECNA, shared with us his memories with an admirable eloquence and style. All then shared their emotion and their happiness to be there.

And so did France Aviation Civile Services, even if they expressed without taking a stand. This ceremony was an opportunity to meet many friends, general managers and colleagues from the greater region, accentuating its convivial atmosphere.

ASECNA, Full of Ambitions, Firmly Rooted in the 21st Century.

At the dawn of its 60th anniversary, ASECNA has many projects, whether it be the Single Sky, the deployment of SBAS or ADS-B satellite coverage. The visit made the day after the ceremony to the Dakar en route control centre, to the JPO and AFPP site, and finally to the earth station, clearly established the reality of these ambitious projects.

It would be an honor for France Aviation Civile Services to contribute alongside ASECNA to the implementation of these projects with the objective of achieving maximum operational performance and helping to consolidate ASECNA’s place among the world’s major ANSPs. Several possibilities of collaboration were outlined during this visit and we hope that we will get the opportunity to make them a reality in 2020.

ASECNA Is Also a Community and a Friend

Just as for every major event related to ASECNA’s life, this party was an opportunity to meet many colleagues and friends from the area. We also met many industries and Proavia colleagues who are just as interested as FRACS in expressing their regards to ASECNA. Beyond that, it was also an opportunity to talk about the region’s problems and needs and to think together of the best way to face the challenges ahead, in terms of the Supervisory Authority, interoperability or the development of national and regional Air Navigation Plans.

For France Aviation Civile Services, this will have been a major contribution to its own strategic thinking to better proportion the services and proposals that it could develop for the benefit of the countries in the region.

We wish an excellent 61st year to the ASECNA and to all its collaborators!