WAC 2019 : Demonstration ELVIRA®

A Word from the Director

DSNA Services has just celebrated its five years of existence: five intense years marked by a wide range of projects, from the redesign of Sudanese airspace in 2018 to assisting with the development of OFNAC, Haiti’s national civil aviation authority, as it enters a decisive phase in its evolution, and the development of a drone […]



A successful CDM workshop for Tunis-Carthage airport

In collaboration with the Tunisian civil aviation and airports authority – OACA (Office de l’Aviation Civile et des Aéroports), DSNA Services and its partner Innov’ATM organised in September 2018 a CDM workshop at Tunis-Carthage airport. Through various exchanges and operational examples, the different airport partners gained experience from French CDM implementations and collaboration concepts. According […]

ATC Supervisor Optimised Operations

ATC supervisor challenges Whereas Air Traffic Control is generally organised in a standard manner, the ATC supervisor work environment & range of responsibilities can vary significantly from one country to another. As an example, the ATC systems present local characteristics and require specific supervision competencies. Some Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) have internal technical supervision […]

A new runway and 4D ICAO airport classification for Haiti

In November 2017, DSNA Services and ADP-I were entrusted by the Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communications of the Republic of Haiti, the monitoring and supervision of the rehabilitation works and widening of the runway of Port-au-Prince Toussaint Louverture International Airport (AITL). This major work, amounting to $ 22 million and made possible thanks […]

Haïti: 5-year cooperation for a safe and efficient sky

OFNAC and DSNA Services have been working hand-in-hand for 5 years for a safer and more efficient Haitian sky, in compliance with ICAO standards. For regulation – with the civil aviation code and law draft, promulgated in November 2017, for safety supervision – with a 4-year project to build a Safety Oversight and finally for […]

An autonomous and efficient National Supervisory Authority

On 12th May 2015, the National Office of Civil Aviation (OFNAC) and DSNA Services signed under the patronage of the French and Haitian Presidents a partnership agreement aimed at building a high-performance civil aviation authority in Haiti compliant to international standards. Since that day, during a 4-year period, DSNA Services experts, referents of the French […]

Together with OFNAC to modernize air navigation

Air navigation services’ intensive support In November 2013, OFNAC and DSNA Services began to work together. Very quickly the results are there: new Operational Manuals for Port-au-Prince, for Cap Haïtien and the technical service, a Licensing process, an SMS manual, a contribution to SAR and to AIS … The list of achievements is very important. […]